Our Caregivers

2017-04-07-Caregivers-300x169 Our Caregivers

Best Loving Care employs many Caregivers and Companions to best meet our clients’ needs, here are some comments from a few of them:

I love working at Best Loving Care. It’s a blessing to me to take care of seniors because I love them, I respect them, and it’s fun to work with them. I just love home health care so much! – Edith 

What I like best about being a caregiver is the attachment I build with my clients. So, it’s like caring for your grandparents. I like making clients feel like they’re family. I treat them how I would want to be treated, and it’s very fulfilling. I get to make them feel how I would want to feel. That’s why I like doing what I do. – Holly, Caregiver

What I love best about working for Best Loving Care at home is that I get to help people. I like making people smile, making their breakfasts, and (even) light house-keeping! – Ieisha, Caregiver

I really enjoy being a caregiver because it offers so many opportunities for myself and for the client. I’ve had clients who require a lot of assistance (such as standby assistance due to risk for falls); however I love to provide a variety of services to those clients including companionship, support, preparing meals, and treating them as if they’re a part of my family. I love being a caregiver because it gives me the opportunity to support clients with their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. It’s an awesome opportunity to share God’s love with others. – Kim, Caregiver

The reason I love being a Caregiver is because I get to fill in for things that people can’t do for themselves. I like to bring a cheerful smile and it’s so great to see when people understand that the help is not because they can’t do it themselves, it’s for great assistance and I get a smile back. I think caregiving is one of the greatest opportunities to love people and see them through whatever they need from A to Z. Also helping them get back on their feet, and having company. I’ve enjoyed home health care for many years. – Mary, Caregiver 

Our caregivers strive to make you happy

What more could you want?

All Home Health Care Agencies have to meet state requirements. Best Loving Care at Home meets all state requirements, but we go beyond those requirements by encouraging our caregivers to do more than what is expected. Then, we reward our caregivers with substantial bonuses for doing well when they receive excellent reviews from you!
With each invoice, you review the Health care your loved one is receiving.  Our caregivers must receive excellent grades on the following: timeliness, meeting all requirements, exceeding expectations, and your recommendation.
But don’t just take our word, see for yourself how much our caregivers love to please you!