Our Philosopy

Cross-300x225 Our Philosopy

We are a Christian Health Care Company

By this we, the owners of Best Loving Care At Home, mean our highest aspiration is to follow the example of Christ in all we do. How we lead, our values, and what we pass on to our caregivers. No, we are are not religious fanatics or zealots.  We do not push our faith on anyone.  We respect our clients’ and caregivers’ beliefs and we do not cross that line.  Because of what we believe, we are held to a higher standard in home health care.  The standard of the heart.

You see, we can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.

The first may be an act of kindness with a return in mind. In other words we give to get.

The 2nd is giving to give with no thought of what we are getting.

So we can go above and beyond without expectation.  This concept is the 2nd mile principle that Jesus taught.  You see, in his days, the Romans ruled over the Jews.  There was a law that if a Roman soldier spotted a young man, he could order him to carry his pack 1 mile.  Many of the young men marked off the one mile mark from their house. Then, if they were conscripted to carry a pack, (which they were required to do) they would come to the mile marker, throw the pack down. Doing so said, “I have fulfilled my duty, carry your own pack.  I have done all that is REQUIRED.”

Jesus said when you are compelled to carry a pack one mile, carry it the second mile.  The first mile was duty, the second was love.  The first mile you discharge your duty, the second, you make a friend.

An actor, is someone who plays a part.  He makes it believable, but it is only an act.  In Jesus’ day the Greek word for actor was hypocrite.  There are many so called Christians who give Christ a bad name because they are nothing more than actors.  Jesus said to them, “your actions are for me but your heart is far from me.”

Why do we strive to serve from the heart?  Because we believe God judges the intentions of the heart.  He not only sees the actions but he sees the heart, the intentions.  We may fool people but we cannot fool Him.  In all we do, our highest prize is to hear Him say “well done thy good and faithful servant”.