Our Services

We offer a variety of home health care services. Most importantly, we train each caregiver to treat our clients like family.

“When I used to visit dad, if I saw a light bulb out, I fixed it.  If I saw he was out of milk, I would buy some.  If I saw the plants were drooping, I watered them. But more than that, if I saw him drooping, I would sit with him and talk about the things that were important to him.”  -Grace, Agency Owner and Manager

We train our caregivers to care with love.  Our definition of love is to “act in the best interest of the other even at our own expense.”  So we go the extra mile.  Not only to care for our clients but to make them FEEL the love.  After all what good is love if we can’t feel it?

There is a big difference from heating up leftovers and celebrating a meal.  People can feel when we do what is required or if it comes from the heart.

You can feel when you’re being given special treatment, can’t you?  So can they.  Just because they are older does not mean they cannot feel.  Our goal is to make them feel special not like they are a burden.  WE WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE FAMILY

          • Our Home Health care service area includes:

        Cook, Will, and Dupage Counties. Now also serving Hernando County, Florida.

            • We offer non-medical home care services:
          • Running Errands
          • Grocery Shopping
          • Meal Preparation
          • Light Housekeeping
          • Washing Dishes
          • Laundry and Ironing
          • Mopping
          • Vacuuming
          • Watering Plants
          • Companionship
          • Playing Games
          • Reading
          • Talking about memories
          • Medication Reminders
          • Bathing*
          • Minor Repairs**
          • Heavy Cleaning**
          • Pet Care**
          • Hair Care**

*Not available in all locations

** These services are provided by partners after being screened with background checks and references.